At the UC San Diego Institute for Materials Discovery and Design (IMDD)
we discover, design, and characterize the advanced materials humanity needs.

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In July 2020, we celebrated our first big IMDD win: we landed an $18 million NSR MRSEC grant. 


Join us on September 29 as we formally launch IMDD and gather virtually to celebrate materials science at UC San Diego. Register for this free event here.

Hear from 2019 Nobel Laureate Professor Stan Whittinghamm, who was key to the discovery of intercalation chemistry and the design of lithium-ion batteries, as he shares keynote remarks on the importance of materials design and the future of energy storage.

IMDD faculty and industry partners will present short dynamic talks describing the latest advances in extreme batteries, biomaterials, quantum materials, and computational research.

Take a virtual tour of the IMDD facilities. Connect with the UC San Diego materials science community and network and chat with leaders in the materials science field.