Simplified Power Management in Modern Cell Phones

Todd Sutton

Vice President of Technology at Qualcomm

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Todd Sutton


The third-largest component of your cell phone is the battery. Roughly half of the electronics' physical volume is associated with power management. This talk will provide an overview of these power systems and shed some light on the challenges in the not-so-distant future. This talk is targeted at the mechanical, thermal, materials, and chemical engineers, with a rusty background in electronic circuits, who are interested in learning a bit about  how a cell phone is really powered

Speaker Bio

Todd Sutton is currently a Vice President of Technology of Qualcomm. He holds a Master's Degree in Digital Communications Theory and Systems Design from UC San Diego and a BSEE from UC Irvine. He has worked on CDMA/WLAN/Bluetooth/WCDMA/LTE and 5G Modems, RFICs, Base-stations and Mobile Device Power Management.